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A list of publications and online resources about animated documentaries.  The length of this list is extraordinary to me.  When I started researching my PhD in 2006/7 there was only a handful of animated-doc specific publications, but there’s been a real boom since then, which is great news for the field!

Where items are open-access I’ve put links.  



Honess Roe, Annabelle. 2013. Animated Documentary. London: Palgrave Macmillan

Journal Articles

Beckman, Karen. 2011. “Animation on Trial,” in  in Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal 6 (3). 259 -276 [part of a special edition dedicated to animated docs]

DelGaudio, Sybil. 1997. “If Truth Be Told, can ‘Toons Tell it? Documentary and Animation.” Film History 9:2. 189-99.

Ehrlich, Nea. 2011. “Animated Documentaries as Masking,” in Animation Studies

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Honess Roe, Annabelle. 2012. “Uncanny Indexes: Rotoshopped Interviews as Documentary,”  in Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal 7 (1). 26 – 38

Khajavi, Javad. 2011. “Decoding the Real: A Multimodal Social Semiotic Analysis of Reality in Animated Documentary,” in Animation Studies

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Kim, Ji-Hoon. 2011. “Animating the Photographic Trace, Intersecting Phantoms with Phantasms: Contemporary Media Arts, Digital Moving Pictures, and the Documentary’s ‘Expanded Field’,” in Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal 6 (3). 371 – 386

Khlar, Lewis. 2011. “Flotsam and Jetsam: The Spray of History,” in Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal 6 (3). 387 – 398

Marks, Laura. 2011. “Calligraphic Animation: Documenting the Invisible,”  in Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal 6 (3). 307 – 324

Moore, Samantha. 2011. “Animating Unique Brain States,” in Animation Studies

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Ward, Paul. 2008. “Animated Realities: The Animated Film, Documentary, Realism,” in Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture 8 (2).

Ward, Paul. 2011. “Animating with Facts: The Performative Process of Documentary Animation in the ten mark (2010),”  in Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal 6 (3). 293 – 306

Wells, Paul. 1997. “The Beautiful Village and the True Village: A Consideration of Animation and the Documentary Aesthetic.” In Art and Animation, edited by Paul Wells, 40-45. London: Academy Editions.

Chapters in Books

Beckman, Karen. 2012. “Mixing Memory and Desire: Animation, Documentary and the Sexual Event,” in Jayne Pilling (ed.) Animating the Unconscious: Desire, Sexuality and Animation. Wallflower.

Erlich, Nea. 2013. “Animated Documentaries: Aesthetics, Politics and Viewer Engagement,” in S. Buchan (ed.) Pervasive Animation. Routledge.

Glynne, Andy. 2013. “Drawn from Life: The Animated Documentary,” in Brian Winston (ed.) The Documentary Film Book. BFI. pp 73-75

Honess Roe, Annabelle.  2011. “The Canadian Shorts: Establishing the Wartime Style,” in B. Van Riper (ed.) Learning From Mickey, Walt and Donald: Essays on Disney’s Edutainment Films. McFarland.

Lamarre, Thomas. 2014. “Cartoon Film Theory: Imamura Taihei on Animation, Documentary and Photography,” in Karen Beckman (ed.) Animating Film Theory. Duke. pp. 221-251

Martinelli, Thomas. 2011. “Objective and Subjective Documentation of the Contemporary by Animated Films,” in Catherine Naugrette (ed.) Qu’est-ce que le contemporain vol 1 L’Harmattan, collection Arts & Médias. pp. 265-269 [essay in English]

Ward, Paul. 2006. “Animated Interactions: Animation Aesthetics and the World of the ‘Interactive’ Documentary.” In Animated Worlds, ed. Suzanne Buchan, 113-129. Eastleigh, UK: John Libbey.

Voci, Paola. 2010. China on Video: Smaller-Screen Realities. London: Routledge [specifically “Animation and Contested Realism” chapter, pp. 61-76]

Ward, Paul. 2005. Documentary: The Margins of Reality. London: Wallflower Press. [includes chapter on animated docs]

Winston, Brian. 2012. “‘Ça va de soi’: The Visual Representation of Violence in the Holocaust Documentary.” In Killer Images: Documentary Film, Memory and the Performance of Violence, edited by Joram Ten Brink and Joshua Oppenheimer. London: Wallflower. [includes discussion of the animated doc Silence]

Yadin, Orly. 2005. “But is it Documentary?” In Holocaust and the Moving Image: Representations in Film and Television Since 1933, edited by Toby Haggith and Joanna Newman, 168-72. London: Wallflower.

Other Sources (inc. online material, conferences, unpublished research, etc)

Animated Realities Conference.  2011.  Edinburgh.  Info and paper abstracts

Frames Per Second Magazine. March 2005. [special edition dedicated to animated docs]

Moore, Samantha. 2010.  “The Truth of Illusion: Animated Documentary and Theory.” AP Engine 

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