New article

An article I wrote about the use of animated segments in live action documentary has been published in Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal. I think the article is free access at the moment. Otherwise get in touch and I’ll be happy to share the accepted copy with you.

The article is one that I’d been wanting to write since I finished my book, in which animated segments get a short mention but I didn’t have the space to explore further. Seeing as this use of animation in documentary is becoming increasingly common, I was happy to have the opportunity to think more about how these animated segments work.

2 thoughts on “New article

  1. Hello, This is Berna Gençalp, a writer/director from Istanbul. I would very much like to read your article. I am working on a live action documentary named Kim Mihri which has animated segments. I am also part of Canlandıranlar Festival team, which is a yearly festival of independent animation.
    To see film’s trailer please go to
    About Canlandıranlar please see our Youtube page.

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