Cover Story

The final touches are being completed on my book, including the cover – which I’m really pleased with.

Book cover














The image is from Jonathan Hodgson‘s Feeling My Way – the first animated documentary I ever saw, as an MA student in Michael Renov’s documentary seminar at the University of Southern California. The film, which lays animation over live action POV footage of Hodgson’s walk through London to a morning meeting, had a real effect on me – homesick as I was in Los Angeles for London. The animation gives insight into Hodgson’s train of thought on that morning walk and it’s like being inside someone else’s head as he makes his way through parts of London I know well. That first got me thinking about how animation can function in documentary, as I put it in the book, to evoke the ‘world in here’ of subjective experience.

More info on the book on Palgrave Macmillan’s website

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