3D Documentary: spectacle and reality

My ‘research provocation’ on 3D documentary has just been posted on the stereoscopicmedia.org site.  Ok, so not strictly to do with animated documentary, but I did first start thinking about 3D in documentary while writing my paper for the Animated Realities conference in Edinburgh last year.  At that conference, I talked about the tension between absence and excess in animated documentary and, more specifically, between spectacle and reality…  How animated documentary simultaneously creates and resolves a tension between looking at the surface of the film and considering its content.  That got me thinking, having recently seen Werner Herzog’s Cave of Forgotten Dreams and Wim Wenders’ Pina, about how 3D documentaries simultaneously draw us into the profilmic (through the immersive techniques of stereoscopic technology) while asking us to marvel at the spectacle of the image/ technology.  These are all still nascent ideas, but ones that I’ll hopefully be developing in the paper I’m giving at the SCMS conference in Boston next week and in subsequent bits of writing…  Meanwhile the trailer for Cave of Forgotten Dreams is below because, well, any excuse to listen to the mellifluous tones of Werner Herzog…

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